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Gestion d’Achats RAM is always working to make life easier for you. We thus provide you with a user-friendly and practical transaction Web site allowing you to obtain you computer and office automation supplies with just a few clicks.

Order your items at your convenience through our
transaction Web site

Time is running out, and you are not able to order your items during regular business hours. No sweat. You can order your items 24 hours a day thanks to our transaction Web site. Find out how you can place an order from Gestion d’Achats RAM at any time. Read more >>


The world is constantly evolving and your company is undergoing rapid transformation. Your needs are also evolving. Yesterday, you were looking for high-performance and inexpensive products. Done! You have cleared this item from your tasks list. Today, what you need are integrated solutions managing the purchase and use of such products for you.

Take advantage of our integrated solutions and devote more time to your strategic tasks

Take advantage not only of our automated remote supplies services which will allow you to obtain the items you need in a timely fashion, but also enjoy consulting services which will allow you to optimise the use of your computer equipment. Find out how Gestion d’Achats RAM makes life easier for you. Read more >>


You are an important client, and you know it. When it comes to supplies, you do not compromise. You know exactly what you want. You require services and products that meet your expectations. Gestion d’Achats RAM will step in, and offer all that and much more.

Attend memorable recognition galas

Each year, Gestion d’Achats RAM develops ingenious ways to provide important clients such as yourself with a colourful event you will remember for a long time. See for yourself how far we are willing to go to show you just how grateful we are. Read more >>